26 Sep 2015
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My name is Sten Rõivas. Me and my business partners have been involved in angel investing for a while and were struggling with finding international projects for investment. There are a lot of regional platforms made for this purpose but it’s difficult to connect with someone from totally different countries. That’s why we decided to make the first step and create such a platform by ourselves. The grand idea was to build a website, where startups or already functioning businesses could promote themselves for financial investments across different regions.

If you happen to have just a minute, I kindly ask you to visit the aforementioned website at: http://ww.gglobal.com/gproject and send back some feedback if possible.

By the way, if you currently have any businesses, which might need investors’ resources, feel free to add your project on the website. Our Content Quality Team will help you with improving your project description and making it more appealing to investors.

Furthermore, the very special thing about this project is that in May 2015 it has been showcased on Astana Economic Forum, which is one of the three biggest economic forums in the world. Over 10 000 influencers, investors and top managers from every corner of the world are visiting this forum. This means that GGlobal business portal has already received much influencers’ attention there and all projects published on it are currently receiving valuable and totally free publicity. Therefore, if you have anything for investors’ attention, I urge you to go ahead and list it on the website now.

Let me know what you think and thanks for taking time to read this message.

Sten Rõivas

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09 Sep 2015